frequently asked questions...
what is loadlater?
loadlater is a web-based uploader that uploads to a photo community called flickr.
why should I use loadlater?
loadlater is a good fit for you if you upload images to flickr on a daily basis. If you have a large number of images to upload, but do not want to overload those who are following your photostream with too many images, loadlater can help spread out your images.
how do I start using loadlater? what is required of me?
At the loadlater homepage, click the 'sign in' button to authenticate with flickr. By doing this, you grant loadlater the access to post photos to your flickr account. The only thing that loadlater will ever post to your account are images you have uploaded for that explicit purpose. loadlater does not ask flickr for "delete" access, therefore loadlater can never delete images from your flickr account. Once you've authenticated, you can begin uploading photos.
how is loadlater different than uploading software that runs on my computer?
loadlater is different than a normal desktop uploading application in that it will upload images to flickr at the time you indicate for each photo. Enter the description and tags you wish the uploaded image to have, and the set, and groups you want the image to be added to. Loadlater uploads photos to flickr on 10 minute increments. When your photo's time has come, loadlater will upload the image to your flickr account on your behalf. In order to achieve this amazing feat of scheduled uploading, loadlater is a web application running on a webserver that never gets turned off or goes to sleep. If loadlater was a desktop application, you would have to ensure your computer was on, and connected to the internet for the uploading to occur.
I see two ways of uploading photos to loadlater: "Upload Multiple Photos" and "Upload a Single Photo." What are the differences?
If you have one photo to upload to loadlater, it is most convenient to use the "Upload a Single Photo" option. With this option, you specify the image to upload, as well as enter the metadata for the photo, then click upload. The image is then uploaded, and you will see it appear in the far left column marked "Pending Uploads."

If you have more than one image to upload, you should use the "Upload Multiple Photos" option. This option utilizes a multiple file uploader, so that you can upload many images at once. With this option, you upload all your images first, and they will appear in a separate section at the top of the screen. Once they are there, you can click on them to add metadata, including the date and time you wish the image to upload to flickr. This allows you to hit the upload button, go get a cup of coffee, come back to the computer and your uploads will be done.

Note: Sadly, the multiple photo uploader requires Adobe Flash. This is a necessary (and hopefully temporary) evil to upload multiple images across many browsers. Once a standards-based method to upload multiple files becomes available in most modern browsers, you can bet loadlater will be using it!
what happens to my images once I upload them to loadlater?
The full-resolution image is stored on the loadlater servers until the time comes to upload the image to flickr. These images are not accessed by anyone. Once the image is successfully uploaded to your account, the original full-resolution image is deleted, but a thumbnail is kept for display purposes only.
what happens to my images after loadlater uploads them to flickr?
They are deleted immediately upon successful upload, although a thumbnail copy of the image is retained for display purposes only.
why do you ask for my email address when I first sign in to loadlater?
If there is some kind of catastrophic failure with your upload, or should loadlater be experiencing any known downtime that will cause your image to not upload on time, we will use this email address to notify you of this. We will not, under any circumstances, sell or otherwise distribute this email address to anyone. We will not use this email address to contact you for any other reason other than the stated behavior. We won't even ask you how you're liking using loadlater, although I urge you to tell me using the contact page.
why do I have to authenticate to use loadlater?
In order to upload images to flickr, you have to authenticate with them. This allows us to provide a service to your flickr account without knowing anything like your login name or password. You can revoke the authentication at any time for loadlater or any other app you've authorized from the flickr services page.
what kind of metadata can I include with my upload?
You can include a description, and tags (comma delimited) which are added to the image when it is uploaded. You can also specify a set for the image to be added to, even if the set doesn't exist yet. If the set doesn't exist when the image is uploaded, loadlater will make it for you and add the image to it. You can add further images to the not-yet-created set as well, and they will be added to the set as well. You can also add the image to as many groups as you like, provided the group allows you to upload the image to the group. loadlater does not check to make sure the group accepted the image, so if a group has a restriction on how frequently you may post an image to it, you should make sure that your uploading velocity does not go over that limit. Currently, there is no warning for this behavior, so check it twice!
I don't live near America/New York. How can I change the timezone?
Once you are authenticated with flickr and signed into loadlater, at the top of the page there is a timezone indicator. By default it is set to America/New York. If you don't live anywhere near New York, you should click the [change] button and select an option closer to where you live. Once you do that, all the dates and times listed on loadlater will be for your local timezone.
can I only upload to flickr or can I upload to facebook as well?
In the future it may be possible other services such as facebook, but at the moment it's just flickr.
Do you retain any copyright to my images once I upload them to loadlater?
No way! The images you upload to loadlater, regardless of the license they have once they are posted to flickr, are yours and only yours. They happen to stop at loadlater's sever along the way, but loadlater has no right to them in any way, and will not use them for any reason other than uploading them to your flickr account.
Can I change the license of the image to be uploaded?
At this time, you cannot specify the license the image will have when you upload to loadlater. The image will be marked with your default license, whatever this is. The default is for "All Rights Reserved" but it may be something different if you have changed that setting.
Do you guarantee any kind of level of service?
Unfortunately this web application is just a hobby for me, so if the site goes down, my day job still comes first. Although I promise to do my darndest to make sure the service is up and running at all times! Scouts honor.
I like to use Twitter to tell my followers that I've posted a new photo. I usually do this right after I upload something. Can you do it for me?
Soon! Auto-tweeting is high on my todo list, so hopefully you'll see that feature soon.
What browsers does loadlater work in?
loadlater is only known to work in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Versions of Internet Explorer have not been tested (I don't have access to that browser! it gives me the heeby jeebies) although we hear it doesn't work very well. We'll try to get it to work soon, but it's not a high priority. Use a modern browser or install Google Chrome Frame for Internet Explorer to use loadlater with the best effect.
Can I upload to loadlater using iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, or some other photo management software?
Unfortunately there are no plugins for any desktop software that can upload to loadlater. Currently the only way to upload to loadlater is through the web interface. We are hopeful this will happen someday, but it's not a reality quite yet.
I'm a developer and want to write a plugin for Aperture that uploads to loadlater. Do you have an API I can use to do this?
There is no open API for loadlater at this time. However, if you really do want to write a plugin for Aperture or any other software package to upload to loadlater, let me know and I'll bump "write an API for loadlater" to the top of my todo list!